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Gordon taking over Piper Center cancer trials as Ramanathan returns to practice


Dr. Michael Gordon, a medical oncologist and cancer researcher, has been named medical director for the Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center Clinical Trials, a partnership between Scottsdale Healthcare and the Translational Genomics Research Institute. He replaces Dr. Ramesh Ramanathan, an expert in colon cancer, who will use the extra time to focus on clinical care and research.

“He did his service over and above and now is ready to focus more on the research and patient care,” said Mark Slater, vice president for Scottsdale Healthcare and CEO of Scottsdale Healthcare Research Institute.

Gordon, who also serves as CEO of Pinnacle Oncology Hematology, a division of Arizona Center for Cancer Care in Scottsdale, already operates several research programs within his oncology practice.

“Our focus really is about trying to accelerate the development of drugs; getting more and better drugs to more patients in a more effective way,” he said.

But now that he will be working more closely with SHC, this new position could set the stage for a closer affiliation between his practice and the hospital system.

“Right now, we’re on the cusp of in many ways redefining how cancer is treated,” Gordon said. “Some of the newer immunotherapies are demonstrating tremendous activity where we’re actually seeing in some cases either near or complete responses in patients with metastatic disease, and figuring out who the right patients are and getting them access to the drugs is really our priority.”

Slater said he looks forward to growing a research relationship with Gordon’s practice, as well as with other oncology groups across the Valley.

“The main thing we want to be sure is that we are providing access to cutting-edge technologies and care for the community,” Slater said. “We have this strong base right here in Scottsdale that’s become a destination site for people around the country and a real leader in those early phase developments.


News taken from the Phoenix Business Journal.