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Clinical Trials Participation


Participating in a clinical trial is often as simple as asking about available studies.  Our philosophy is to make trials available to patients. In doing so we hope to expand the options for our patients, providing them with additional hope for better outcomes. The steps to being included in a clinical trial are fairly standard and include an informed consent session where we review a document, typically previously provided to patients for review that describes the “who, what, where, when, why and how” of the trial. After the review of the informed consent form, patients who are interested must sign the document to begin the “screening process” which typically involves a review of the patient’s medical and cancer treatment history, laboratory values, and radiology results to determine if the patient is an eligible candidate or the trial. Patients who are eligible can then proceed to begin treatment and are followed closely, as designated in the protocol. Typically, patients who are benefiting from the treatment can continue on therapy as long as they are tolerating the study drug(s) well and have had no worsening of their cancer or health.